Manufacturer and distributor of silver jewellery

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Thinking of your own design?
We’ll prepare a blueprint based on your directions. It will be the foundation for manufacturing your piece later.

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Jewellery craftsmanship

We have long experience and unique technology to create products that meet all customer needs.

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Quality control

All of the pieces we manufacture undergo visual and spectral inspection. This laborious process later minimizes the risk of complaints.

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For distributors

You can purchase any of our finished products at any time. Our showroom offers you thousands of products in line with the latest trends that rule the market.

Silver jewellery: manufacturing and sales

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Silver jewellery wholesale

Srebrolex is a company with many years of experience as a jewellery supplier. We carry out all the manufacturing stages (design, 3D preview, jewellery production, wholesale and retail distribution).
Our catalogue includes countless designs: rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and chains. We offer silver and gold-plated pieces.
Our items are fashionable: we strive to create original designs keeping up with the latest trends.
High quality of our jewellery is assured by meticulous visual check and spectral inspection.