Crafting process of silver jewellery

1. Designing jewellery

Based on the presented concept, the designer prepares an electronic blueprint.

It is created with great attention to detail in order to reflect the idea as accurately as possible.

2. Design preview

Once the blueprint is ready, we can have a look at the finished product.

This is the stage to make last changes and approve the project.

wizualizowanie pierścionków
biżuteria srebrna - producent

3. Execution: production

Accepting the project means that production can begin.

This is a sophisticated procedure. Specialised equipment and qualified staff are a must.

4. Visual quality control

Each manufactured piece undergoes thorough visual inspection that rules out the products below quality standards.

produkcja biżuterii - wysoka jakość

photo: © Helmut Fischer GmbH

5. Technical quality control

Using a specialised instrument from Helmut Fischer, we perform spectral inspection to make sure that our jewellery pieces comply with REACH requirements regulating the content of harmful substances such as nickel, lead or cadmium.

6. Finished product

The final result is exquisite jewellery highly appreciated by our many existing clients.